As we always said, the NFTs are the backbone of our platform. That’s why we want to show everything that can be done with them.

What is 3D Smart NFTs?

A 3D Smart NFTs, is a non-fungible-token that has asociated a 3d model, and a lot of features that gives the NFTs extra benefits. Not only a pretty picture!

Smart 3D NFTs Benefits

  • Increase Earnings. Select your NFT in the pool and get more rewards!

  • Boost yield farming and walls. When you select your NFT in any pool or wall, your staking amount is enlarged. You get a bigger reward in that pool.

  • Earn experience. Every time you use in one of our pools-farms-walls, your NFT will gain more “experience” skill. This allows to have a more powerful NFT. Better earnings, better voting power.

  • Reduce harvest lockup. Selecting a NFT in a pool, will decrease the time you have to wait to harvest your earnings. You’ll take profit faster.

  • Vote on governance. With our NFTs, your vote will have more weight in our results pools. Your vote will be even more important.

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