Kurama Protocol

The Smart NFTs Complex Tokenomics Protocol

What is Kurama Protocol ?

The kurama protocol is an open-source hybrid solution composed of on-chain and off-chain systems. And it consists of the following components:

  • Extended Sandman MasterChef. A complete new MasterChef with more features than even seen before: support for ownership token, and Distributed Autonomous Treasurey (DAT).

  • Support for SMART NFT farming. NFTs are a core feature of the protocol. Our NFTs have actual functionality on our platform.

  • Antibot System. Helps detect boots that attack initial liquidity using behavioral analisys. Using AI techniques, this system determins if a wallet is an actual community member or a bot. If the systems detects a bot, this get blacklisted. For extra info, check here.

  • Distributed Autonomous Treasury. A way to redistribute earns in our community. For extra info, check here.

  • Set of Extra Smart Contracts. Auxiliary smart contract to keep as much as possible on-chain, but still relying some executions off-chain.

  • NodeJs scripts to invoke logic actions in Smart Contracts. Some smart contracts needs extra logic off-chain. This works in tamdem with the smart contracts.

  • Integration with Open Zeppelin. The top leaders in Smart Contract Security.

  • Manage blocking initial liquidity.

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