NFT Merge

From now on, you'll be able to Merge your existing Defi Boy NFT's.

Merging rules will be changing according to different scenarios.

As Banksy DAO Team, we need to assure that merging wont affect equilibrium to the entire community.

Merging Rules

  • You'll be able to merge only 3 NFTs at a time.

  • A NFTs can be merged more than once.

  • Merging is only available with same generation ArtWorks.

Merging Workflow

  1. You'll go to the merging page.

  2. You'll select 3 NFTs.

  3. Your 3 NFTs will be moved to the merging contract

  4. Once the merge is finished, you'll need to claim your merged NFT.

Merging formula

Stacking power and experience on every card (3 cards) we'll calculated:

  1. Maximum amount of that staking power amongst all 3 cards.

  2. Average amount of that staking power amongst all 3 cards.

  3. Each Merged staking power will follow this formula:

mergedstakedpower=maximunstakedpower+averagestakedpower/2merged staked power = maximun staked power + average staked power /2

Your Merged NFT should have a ~25% improvement than your best NFT (theorically)

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