The new Community Owned DeFi Project Enhanced by Smart NFTs Powered by Kurama Protocol


Farming and Ownership at once

  • As Owner earns 25% of the deposit fee on a stable coin!

  • As Farmer earns stable and native token rewards

  • Smart NFT Farming and Gambling

  • Vote on project Governance

Banksy v1 consisted of one layer on top of Avalanche and Fantom Networks. BanksyDAO is the evolution of the project, where you can find the following features:

  • Yield Farming Enhanced by Smart NFTs

  • Decentralized Autonomous Treasury (DAT)

  • 3D NFT

  • NFTs Boosting

  • Dividend Pools (Walls)

  • AntiBot System

Problems to solve

In BanksyDao Finance aim is to solve the problems experienced by the community.

Lack of value of farming token: That's is why we create the first Dual Token on Avalanche.

All our Stakers can harvest their Banksy Dual Token from their Pools/Farm and Deposit on a Special Pool and the Walls where they will earn in Stable coins. all the DAT will be distributed in all the farming

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