Yield Farming

Yield Farming is the practice of staking or lending Banksy Dual tokens in order to generate high returns or rewards in the form of additional Despair tokens.

Farmers will be able to earn high yields from :

  • Use $Banksy in Yield Farms (LP's) ;

  • Stake $BANKSY to get more $BANKSY

All-in-One Token

As part of our implementation of the kurama protocol we decided to use a great feature: dual purpose token.

It consists in the creation of a token that will fulfill two main functions:

  1. Farming/Reward Token.

  2. Ownership token.

You’ll be able to enhance your farming with our Smart NFT

Farming — Reward Token

As a farm project, the platform will reward with this token both pools and farms.

You’ll be able to stake on every pool, or add liquidity in every farm and you’ll get earnings in the Banksy DAO token.

But here is the new thing: If you hold/stake… it will give you USDC reward! Continue reading to find out how.

As Farmer earn stable and native token rewards

Ownership token

One of the great features of the Kurama Protocol is to create an ownership token. This token will allow you to earn USDC from the pool that gets profits from the Distributed Autonomous Treasury.

Everytime the platform collects a fee, for both deposit or any other service, some of it goes to the “Owner’s Pool” and get redistributed amongst tokens stakers.

You can use your NFT’s to enhance your earnings. In the Owner’s Pool, you’ll be able to boost your rewards by staking NFT artwork.

The distribution is gradual until the end of the layer.

New MasterChef with extended features

NFT Boosting

From now on, also in our pools/farms you will be able to boost what you have deposited. This way, whoever has Smart 3D NFTs will be able to have a bigger reward.

Farming Experience

From now on, every time a farming is boosted with Smart 3D NFT, you will also get more experience. This way, the more you use it, the more useful it will become.

Harvest Lockup

Although it is a controversial feature, it is useful in the first hours after the farming starts. With this feature you will be able to maintain higher prices and APRs for a longer period of time. The way it will be used will be communicated as it is defined.

Harvest Fee on Walls

Another way we have found to protect our loyal community members is to add a fee to the walls’ harvest.

This way, token holders will be incentivized to keep the tokens longer after their minimun lockup time for harvesting has expired.

This will help to keep the value of the token more stable throughout the duration of the wall. And the reward will be more equitable for all wall participants.

Autoliquidity Feature

With this functionality, the protocol itself will take care of providing liquidity to the system by systematically acquiring a number of tokens periodically.

The objective is that the liquidity pool is fed back by the operations performed by the investors.

And in this way, sustain the price of the token for as long as possible.

Transfer fee

A transfer fee will be charged only upon sale of the token. The purpose of this fee is to maintain the price of the token, and those who wish to sell, must reward their fellow community members.

Those who support the project will be rewarded for their loyalty, as the proceeds of this fee will be distributed among the ownership token stakers.

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